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King Kong fanfiction

All that was left unsaid

King Kong Fanfiction
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Welcome. Either by accident or choice you've found the King Kong fanfiction community. Feel free to join, spread you love of 2005's incredible remake of our favourite ape movie. I'm your mod ladysapphirekym and lurking around here with me is co-mod captain_w0w. And we're approachable, friendly and love this little community to bits

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We're pretty much a leniant community, fanfiction, obviously is what we're mainly about, but fanart, icons and hey, even general chat is welcome if the occasion calls for it.

However one thing I do ask is that if you want to pimp a community, make sure it has something to do with King Kong, I wont ask you to get my permission first, because, well because I'm nice dammit, a real walkover of a mod.

Slash is more than welcome here, in fact, it's encouraged greatly. This is general fanfiction, so post your fiction regardless of pairing (or lack of pairing), everything you like. However, try to refrain from over indulging on Mary Sue's, it makes the kittens cry.

Oh, and fiction from the original '33 movie is more than welcome. Just state so in your post.

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Please, for the love of Kong use an LJ cut when posting fiction, big pictures, or more than 3 icons. (For an explanation of how to do so please go here http://www.livejournal.com/support/faqbrowse.bml?faqid=75)

To go about posting your fiction correctly, please create a heading that fills in the relevant info

Pairing: (where appropriate)
Warnings: (if necessary)
Spoiler: (not everyone will have seen it yet, lets show some consideration)

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I certainly don't want this community to ever become a place for sniping at one another, so here's just a couple of guidelines

No Flaming I don't want to hear about how a specific pairing sucks, I don't want to hear if slash makes your stomach turn, I don't want people getting into rows over who Ann really loves. Flamers wont even get a warning, I can be ban-happy if necessary

Regarding slash and het I can't quite stress this enough. Get into a spat over it and you'll be deleted, got it?

And lastly have fun. We're not an unfriendly place, we're just a place to share love for King Kong 2005. And please feel free to post if you have any questions, I know some communities frown on it, this one doesn't, or contact you cheery mods Kym at sapphiresan @ aol . com or Alex at lol_chloroform@hotmail.co.uk . Make friends, read, post, review, enjoy yourselves.


General movie

And wave hello to our resident self-proclaimed Carl fangirl shmeiliarockie

Ah it's all good


King Kong fanfiction is based from King Kong 2005, is making no money and doesn't claim to own any part of the movie. We're poor guys just trying to enjoy ourselves, mm'kay?