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09 February 2007 @ 04:16 pm
Title: Hope And Miracles
Author/Artist: KagemaneShikamaru/KS-DFan69
Pairing: Jack/Carl
Rating: T/PG-13
Warnings: Slash, language, non-graphic violence
Spoiler: No spoilers
Summary: Jack's thoughts on his situation as the crew trek across Skull Island after Kong. Major Jack drabbling, some built in flashback and mild psychological angst.
Disclaimer: I own not King Kong, I own nothing. Because I'm lame like that.

Note: This was actually based loosely on the King Kong game, as well as the film, because I wrote this after playing it. Heh heh.

Hope And Miracles


Jack wasn't sure how long they had been in the twisted forest, how long they had been trekking across seemingly miles of terrain that all looked the same, he didn't know if they were actually getting anywhere or just wandering around in huge circles and he had no idea how long they had been on Skull Island.

He snapped a long time ago, or at least he thought it was a long time ago, it may have been just minutes. The endless circling of his thoughts pissed him off, he couldn't figure out if he had given up all hope or if he was expecting a miracle any second now, if he was angry or scared...or both.

No one blamed him when he finally took his rage out on the one person he could blame logically and not feel like he was just anger venting; Carl Denham.

The director was one of the bigger factors in his turmoil, this whole thing had been his idea after all, even after they were almost executed by a tribe of savage natives...he had insisted on pressing on with his film. Ann was somewhere on this Godforsaken island in the clutches of the world's biggest walking hairball more than likely on the brink of death, this of course being the positive outlook considering she was more than likely already dead, and yet Carl worried about his film.

It infuriated the script writer every time he mentioned that stupid camera, Jack saved him from a raging monster of some sort? 'Is the camera ok?' Jack tried to talk to him? The talk always turned to that damn FILM.

Ok, so maybe he was being a little childish, after all those were all personal reasons...but he could still snarl down the man's throat for bringing them to this hellhole.

On the other hand however, Carl was Jack's most trusted member of the crew, the easily excited director had on several occasions saved Jack's own life. Had complimented him greatly on his skills; from writing to bringing down hungry rampaging beasts with his aim. Had been as best a friend Jack could expect out of this crew, which although kind of sad...made him feel better.

At times Jack had been genuinely terrified for the other man.

Like a good...well an assumed three days back...the crew had run into a nasty surprise in the shape of a huge dinosaur-like monster. The combined efforts of the entire crew hadn't been even nearly enough to harm it, Jack had turned to locate another weapon when something hard had hit the side of his head with enough force to induce whiplash and send him flying. His vision had blurred, his neck hurt when he tried to look up and all he could do was listen to the action.

The first blow came when a grunt sounded right next to him and a body hit the floor, glancing as far to the left as he could he saw Hayes lying motionless. He'd found some comfort in realising the man was still alive, just very unconscious. The relief didn't last long, the next thud was followed by a loud snap...like a gun crack and a scream of pure agony.

Whoever the dinosaur had hit, they hadn't been lucky enough to black out.

It felt like hours...lying there listening to people yell and scream, listening to the whimpers of people who were unlucky enough to live through an attack and were lying bleeding to death or cradling broken limbs. Eventually a roar unlike that of any dinosaur had echoed over the forest, it was followed by hurried thuds as their attacker made a hasty retreat.

As soon as he felt it was safe, that he could move without fainting, Jack had stood up and forced himself to survey the damage. It was bad, not as bad as it had sounded thankfully, but at least three were dead and two beyond help. Then he saw something that really made him panic.

Carl was lying not too far away from him curled into a ball, he wasn't moving and the formerly light clothes were stained crimson in places. Moving closer Jack also noticed one of the director's arms seemed twisted, with a sinking feeling he had crouched next to the other man and gently touched the side of his face before leaning down to check for a pulse.

Finding one brought another wave of relief, but it was faint and Carl was still unconscious, Jack remembered feeling helpless in such a situation. He had set up a tent from a backpack that remained mostly intact, while watching over the injured men Jack noted Carl was the worst off. Those still alive seemed to be recovering a little, though still in shock and Hayes was on his feet.

The down to Earth field man had pissed Jack off for the first time that day, stating that Carl had gotten exactly what he deserved. Jack had thought that himself, but it hadn't lasted long before the guilt hit him and he realised he wasn't even going to pretend to think that was true. No one deserved this, no matter how self obsessed, sneaky or irritating they may be.

That was also the day Jack had decided Carl Denham really wasn't all that bad.

So now, although he put on an irritated front and sometimes really did get angry with the director, Jack tried to work with Carl. It had proved easier than expected; once Carl realised Jack was actually interested in his films...he just put living first, the other man proved to be entertaining company.

The longer he spent talking to Carl, the more he grew to like him, under the egotistical mask Carl was angry, upset and desperate. Film making was something he was good at, something he enjoyed. His enthusiasm for this film, Jack realised, centred around this being his last chance to prove himself to his producers, his last chance at making it. The last chance to make his dream work.

Jack thought about how it would feel if he was in that position; script writing was his life...he loved it. If he only had one chance...one chance to save his dream...yeah he would do anything. Anything.

Talking about this to Carl later proved to be a good move, the director loosened up and explained to Jack what exactly had happened. Jack had comforted him when he got upset, angry about his situation. Carl had opened up even more.

In fact, Carl had opened up more than Jack had wanted him to. Kissing had not been on the script writer's agenda. At the time.

As Jack growled and hacked another plant out of his way he turned to look behind him, Carl was looking around the forest seemingly still in awe, despite the fact every mile looked the same. Sensing eyes on him Carl turned his eyes on Jack and smiled, Jack returned the smile and it was genuine.

Because every time Carl smiled like that the anger vanished.

Every single time.

It gave him hope.
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ks_dfan69 on February 13th, 2007 08:00 am (UTC)
Thanks for the constructive crit! I'm more of an artist myself, rather than a writer. Thanks for taking the time to give me some advice. I do try to keep my writing realistic though, particularly relationship wise.

As for the Jack/Carl, I dunno it was just a pairing I saw in the movie for some reason. Me and my friend were laughing at the 'subtext' through the whole thing; especially when we watched the deleted scenes and the whole 'you're my friend' speech.
someplacetobe on February 13th, 2007 08:08 am (UTC)
You're welcome, sincerely; I just wanted t'let y'know about the trouble I had with getting into it - some folks might run into the same issue since the sentences run on and could be broken up, as I said. I've seen others do the run on sentences and at least, here, I could see the point of what you were trying to say.

For Carl & Jack, it's there from what you can take from the subtext. I've just seen, I think, more bad Jack/Carl 'fic than I've seen good.
ks_dfan69 on February 13th, 2007 04:31 pm (UTC)
You have read more Jack/Carl? Geeze. Blame it on my really bad internet skills but I've never even SEEN another fic based around the two. Which is a shame because it's the only Kong slash pairing I like other than Hayes/Jimmy (which I think most people see).

Too bad most of the fic you have read about them has turned out to be rather bad.
someplacetobe on February 13th, 2007 09:12 pm (UTC)
Bad Carl/Jack 'fic, but, I also tend to read very widely.

Perhaps check this very community, going back a bit in the archives - you might find some Carl/Jack here; I've noticed this a community of talented writers.