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20 May 2006 @ 04:31 pm
Wide Awale - Chap 7  
Title: Wide Awake
Author: CaptainLon
Pairing: None, mention of Ann/Jack maybe?
Rating: PG 13
Spoiler: If you haven’t seen the movie by now...
Summary: Preston gets lost from the rest of the search party. He finds out that he’s not the only one who’s gotten lost. Now they got to either find their way back to the gate and Englehorn or find the search party!
Disclaimer: I don’t own King Kong or anything at all sadly (Except the dvd, lol)!
Note: I have now gotten the King Kong game and I got the idea of writing a story lightly based on the game and the movie, but mostly on my own fantasy!

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And thanks to Jess for BETA reading this story!<3

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Chapter 7

“Did you hear that?” Ann jumped back from an opening in the wall. Jimmy didn’t answer, but he too had heard some weird scratching sounds inside the cave. “Anyone got a signal flare?” Lumpy asked while he tried to see what was inside the darkness. Preston opened his sack and looked in it. “Is this it?” he held up a signal flare and Lumpy took it from him. “I got one too” Jimmy held up his and Lumpy nodded. “I’ll go first, Jimmy last. Stay together” Lumpy ordered.

The red light from Jimmy’s signal flare and the white from Lumpy’s didn’t reveal much to them in the dark cave. Ann got a sick feeling when she heard some squeaking sound behind her. “Something’s in here” Preston stated the obvious and gripped his gun just as Lumpy fired his. “Giant bugs!” Lumpy called out and shot a huge bug to pieces with bullets. Soon the flares showed that they were surrounded by huge spiders and crabs. One was about to attack Ann when Jimmy turned his gun around and hit the bug with the back of it, making it more angry so it turned to him instead. The kid didn’t have time to get the gun back in the right position before many more were over him. Preston felt completely grossed out, but fired his gun, letting bullet by bullet slay the disgusting creatures. “This way!” Preston ran towards an opening where Lumpy had already gone out. Ann pulled Jimmy with her through the opening.

Ann broke out of the cave and ran up some ancient stairs. “They’re not following us” Jimmy yelled to the others. “The gate!” Ann suddenly called out from the top of the stairs. “But where is Englehorn?” Preston and Lumpy came and stood beside Ann and Jimmy. The village was completely deserted. There wasn’t a single human or beast to be seen.

“Where is he? Them?” Preston looked around for any signs of life when they were standing down by the gate. “Maybe they’ve gone into the jungle to find the others?” Ann stared at the human skeletons all around. “Or maybe they’ve gone back to the ship! What if they were ready to leave when we saw the ship” Preston felt his blood run cold.

“As long as either Driscoll or Hayes is alive, they won’t leave this island,” Lumpy said calmly and looked at Ann and Jimmy. Preston understood what he meant. You don’t leave someone you love behind if there’s still hope for them being alive. The eerie silence was brutally broken when they heard screams from the jungle followed by Kong’s roar. Preston stared at the three others. “Come on!” Lumpy took the role as their leader and walked through the gates with Preston, Jimmy and Ann right behind him.

Be Nice and let me know what you think! =)

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jessilian on May 20th, 2006 08:30 pm (UTC)
Well, at least they're back at the gate now....
You put in the giant icky bugs! Yay! They're totally gross, but still....... It's really fun to read this story, cause you use these very recognizable things from the movie (T-rex, bugs), but you give your own little twist to it. Fun, fun, fun!
Gimme more!