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06 May 2006 @ 01:24 pm
Wide Awake - Chap 4  
Title: Wide Awake
Author: CaptainLon
Pairing: None, mention of Ann/Jack maybe?
Rating: PG 13
Spoiler: If you haven’t seen the movie by now...
Summary: Preston gets lost from the rest of the search party. He finds out that he’s not the only one who’s gotten lost. Now they got to either find their way back to the gate and Englehorn or find the search party!
Disclaimer: I don’t own King Kong or anything at all sadly (Except the dvd, lol)!
Note: I have now gotten the King Kong game and I got the idea of writing a story lightly based on the game and the movie, but mostly on my own fantasy! If you wonder why I've used the title "Wide Awake" then... well... I wonder with you. lol. I didn't reallycame up with anything else and I listened to a song called "Wide Awake" by Briskeby when I wrote this one so. And you must be pretty awake in that kinda place huh? lol. Hope ya like this one too )

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And thanks to Jess for BETA reading this story!<3

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Chapter 4

”We’re not going to make it”, Preston tried to block out all the negative thoughts running through his head. The ruins where Lumpy and Choy were hiding came closer and closer, but the t-rex was too hot on their tail for them to reach it in time. Ann screamed as she felt the dinosaur’s mouth close in on her. Preston watched in awe as a huge, black furred creature threw itself onto the t-rex. “Come on!” Preston ran back to Jimmy and Ann to get them to move again. He grabbed the young sailor’s arm and together the three finally reached the ruins.

“Well look who you found” Lumpy joked as if the whole monster mash some meters away was an everyday thing. “Actually she…” Jimmy breathed, but he couldn’t continue. “…found us…” Preston ended and he rested against the ancient wall as the two huge monsters fought.

“Henry” Jimmy mumbled as he slid down the wall, tears stinging his eyes. Ann looked confused at the kid. She had spoken with a sailor called Henry. “What about him? Is he here?” she swallowed hard. “He sacrificed himself to save us from the dinosaur” Preston told her quietly. Jimmy had slowly begun getting along with Henry through the years and now he had been killed in the most brutal way. “I’m so sorry” Ann kneeled by Jimmy and tugged his hand while they hid from the monster battle.

“What exactly is that?” Preston peeked around a corner at the thing that looked like a giant gorilla. “I think his name is Kong” Ann said numbly, ignoring the stares from the guys. “It’s a bloody monkey” Lumpy hid behind a wall for a second as some dirt came flying through the air as Kong threw the t-rex to the ground close to the ruins. “Where I come from monkeys are a bit smaller” Choy informs the four others with a smile. Lumpy seemed to be the only one who wasn’t amused by that comment. He had become used to Choy’s weird nature.

“Maybe we should move” Jimmy’s idea didn’t sound too bad in Ann’s and Preston’s ears and they nodded quickly as the noise from the monsters suddenly stopped. “Giant monkey won” Choy told the others from where he stood watching the gorilla standing on the dead t-rex with one foot. “Oh no! We’ve got to hurry! He’s coming for me now!” Ann pulled on Preston’s arm. Choy’s eyes grew wide when Kong set his eyes on them. “Uh oh” Lumpy grabbed his friend’s arm and a new chase begun.

Kong smashed through the ruins like they were made of sand. His growl made the hair on their necks rise as they kept running through the ruins, up some stairs, down again, through door frames and holes in the walls. “Through here!” Preston jumped out of the ruins with Ann on his heals with Jimmy right behind, while Lumpy and Choy were hanging a little way back. They came to a dead end all of a sudden when the ground vanished in front of them and they could see the ocean for as far as the eye could see.

For a moment they forgot all about the giant gorilla hunting them, but they were bought back to reality when he growled, flew though the trees and landed with a heavy thud in front of them. Ann, Preston, Jimmy, Lumpy and Choy turned their backs to the sea and stared at the monster. “At three” Preston whispered to the others, not breaking eye contact with Kong. “Three!” Lumpy growled and they threw themselves to the sides just as Kong bought his fists to the ground. Furiously Kong roared more and threw himself after Choy and to everyone’s fear he got his fist around the little man.

“Choy!” Lumpy screamed and ran towards the gorilla with his gun. “No!” Ann yelled and Jimmy jumped up and ran after the cook. “Are you crazy?” the kid grabbed his fellow crewmember and pulled him away. Jimmy had loads of respect for Lumpy and would usually leave him alone, but now the cook would only get himself killed. Lumpy lifted his gun and released bullets at Kong. The gorilla grew even more furious and threw himself after them. Choy screamed in pain just as Kong got hold of Jimmy and threw him at a tree. Ann and Preston made some kind of squeaky sound and ran over to the unmoving kid and just as Kong was about to smash Lumpy with his fist, something caught his attention and he stared out over Skull Island and the ocean. Lumpy stared terrified at Choy. They held eye contact one last time, cause both of them knew what was coming. Kong roared and threw Choy over the cliff and vanished into the jungle

Be Nice and let me know what you think! =)

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jessilian on May 6th, 2006 06:44 pm (UTC)
Ooooooow! The action and suspense is killing me here! And I can't die yet, cause I have yet to read the rest of the story! Now what am I gonna do now? ;-)

This was a good chappie! And you've obviously improved. Chapter 3 was good too, but a little short and the action was over pretty quick. Now this..... this is GOOD! You described all the action and stuff really well. I was mentally playing the scene! So cool!

I also liked the fact that you still managed to keep the whole group in this chapter. I mean, most of the times in stories with more characters, one or 2 characters will hardly show up in a chapter, cause the author is paying more attention to the other characters. Know what I'm saying? You managed to divide your attention. Niiiiiiiiiiice!

And by the way; I'm so loving Choy now. He's the funny element in the story. That little part with monkeys being smaller where he came from, and his little 'report' about the fight; "Giant monkey won". I LOVED that! Too bad Kong wasn't too fond of him though......